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From Wikipedia Answer_set_programming:
Answer set programming (ASP) is a form of declarative programming oriented towards difficult (primarily NP-hard) search problems. It is based on the stable model (answer set) semantics of logic programming. In ASP, search problems are reduced to computing stable models, and answer set solvers -- programs for generating stable models are used to perform search. The computational process employed in the design of many answer set solvers is an enhancement of the DPLL algorithm and, in principle, it always terminates (unlike Prolog query evaluation, which may lead to an infinite loop).
I have blogged about this in A first look at Answer Set Programming.

More information

Here are some useful links for ASP:

ASP Systems

There are many ASP systems. Here are those I have tested most.

My Answer Set Programming programs

Here are some of my ASP programs. Almost all of of them have also been done in some Constraint Programming system, for example MiniZinc. See Common constraint programming problems for a list of different implementations.

All are written in Gringo/Clingo/clasp, but should be quite easy to convert to other ASP systems, e.g. Lparse/Smodels.

The encodings with .lp extension are for Gringo version 3. The encodings ported to Gringo 4 has extension .lp4
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