base_conv: Yet another word to number to word conversion

This programs converts a "word" to a decimal number or a decimal number to a "word" for as many bases as possible.

E.g. the "word" 'hakank' is converted to the decimal number 138965180 when 'hakank' is in base 24. Base 24 is the minimal base for this word since "n" requires that base. When 'hakank' is in base 25 the decimal number is 170241220 etc. And the other way around: The decimal number 170241220 is converted to the "word" 'luqxq' for base 53.

Language and valid characters: There are two valid language sets: english and swedish. The english character setting is 0..9 a-z A-Z in exactly this order. Please note that upper cases is allowed and are different from the lower case. The swedish character setting is 0..9 a-z A-Z. E.g.: The swedish "word" 'Hkan' is converted to the decimal number 88062687 base 37. Base 37 is also the minimal base since the "H" requires that base.

Entering a word outside the character setting for the language will issue a warning, except for spaces which be unconditionally be removed.

For decimal number to "word" conversion, the only requirement is that the number should be a decimal number, i.e. only consist of the digits: 0 .. 9. Spaces will be removed.

As usual this program was presented at my (swedish) blog hakank.blogg: base_conv: Konvertering av ord till tall till ord

Please enter a word and/or a decimal number.
Decimal number:
Language: swedish english

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Created by Hakan Kjellerstrand