Bookmarklets is a very nice way of doing small (or not so small) things in/with a web browser, and is just a (oneliner) Javascript script saved as a bookmark.

E.g. here is a simple bookmarklet for viewing the HTML source of a web page. If you bookmark the link, you can use it later on whatever site you want.
The Javascript code for this bookmarklet is:

Another simple example is showing the cookies for the site you are visiting:
javascript:if(document.cookie.length<1){alert('No cookie for this site.')}else{alert('Cookie for this site: '+document.cookie)}
(probably not very useful on this very site).

Collections of bookmarklets

Here is some very good collections of bookmarkets:


Here is some of my favorites (from the sites mentioned above):

Some of my own bookmarklets

Here is some of my own more general bookmarklets.
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