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Please note: Unfortunately the Dynadec site ( is not the Comet site anymore. I have removed all links to that site below.
Also, I don't know any place where Comet can be downloaded.

Comet (created and distributed by Dynadec) is a system for solving problem using:
More info
* The distribution includes many examples and a great tutorial explaing Comet as well as the three paradigms which Comet uses: constraint programming, constraint-based local search and mathematical programming.
An earlier version of Comet, featuring constraint-based local search, is described in the great book Constraint-Based Local Search (ISBN 9780262220774) by Pascal Van Hentenryck and Laurent Michel, the main developers of Comet.

My Comet models

Below are some of my Comet models. Explanation and references are in each specific file. Some of these models are translated from my MiniZinc models.
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