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Gecode is a C++ based constraint programming system, and (from the site) is an open, free, portable, accessible, and efficient environment for developing constraint-based systems and applications.

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* Gecode

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* Documentation
* Publications
* Modeling and Programming with Gecode
* See the great collection of examples

Mailing list etc
* Community

Interfaces to other systems
* Interfaces
* Solver for MiniZinc models: Gecode/FlatZinc. (See My MiniZinc page for more about MiniZinc and a collection of models.)

2013-03-30: Updated all the models to Gecode version 4.0. (See Changes in Version 4.0.0 (2013-03-14) for the changes in Gecode 4.0.)

My Gecode models

Below are some of my models for Gecode version 4.0. Explanation and references are in each specific file.
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