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Numberjack is a constraint programming systems written in Python. From the site:
Numberjack is a modelling package written in Python for constraint programming. Python benefits from a large and active programming community, Numberjack is therefore a perfect tool to embed CP technology into larger applications. It is designed to support a number of underlying C/C++ solvers seamlessly and efficiently. There are a number of available back-ends: three mixed integer programming solvers (Gurobi, CPLEX, and SCIP), satisfiability solvers (MiniSat, Walksat, and many others), a constraint programming solver (Mistral), and a weighted constraint satisfaction solver (Toulbar2).

More information about Numberjack

My Numberjack models

Here are some of my Numberjack models. The models contains presentation of the problem, references (including links to comparison models in other constraint programming systems). Please note that some of them might not work in the current version of Numberjack.
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