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OscaR - (Scala in OR) is a constraint solver based on Scala (former called Scampi).
The source is here (Bitbucket).

From the Wiki:
OscaR (Scala in OR) is a Scala toolkit to solve Operations Research problems. The techniques currently available in OscaR are:
See the Contributors page for the people behind OscaR. Special thanks to Pierre Schaus for the Constraint Programming part of OscaR. (I have almost exclusively worked with the CP part.)

More info about Constraint Programming in OscaR (from the page: Constraint Programming)
  • Contributor
  • Pierre Schaus: CP for the Impatient beta/under dev documentation

    My OscaR models

    Here are some of my OscaR models. Most of them (if not all) has been pushed to the OscaR repo: src/main/scala/oscar/examples/cp/hakank/. Thanks to Pierre Schaus for improving several of these models.
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