My Pop-11 / Poplog page

Pop-11 is a great but rather unknown language, used for example in Artificial Intelligence research and education.

From What is Poplog?
Poplog is a integrated toolkit providing a highly extendable collection of languages and tools for teaching, research and development. By default it includes incremental compilers for three powerful AI programming languages
* Pop-11--the core language -- used to implement itself and the others;
* Common Lisp; and
* Prolog;
as well as
* Standard ML, a widely used functional language.
For more about Pop-11 and Poplog, see The Free Poplog portal, especially TEACH PRIMER -- An overview of Pop-11

2009-08-31: I blogged about Pop-11 and Poplog in The Pop-11 programming language and Poplog environment which includes more references.

My Pop-11/Poplog programs

Here are some of my Pop-11 programs and utilities. Note: Some of the above program requires functions from the GOSPL (Global Open Source Poplog Library) library, such as split, split_with. The library is available from, or more specific here: gospl_1_2_0.tar.gz
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