Tai Chi Chuan / Taijiquan

The most common image of Tai Chi Chuan (also spelled Taijiquan or Taiji) is the very slow and graceful dance-like movements. But Tai Chi Chuan is much more than just a slow dance. It is, besides a very nice way of doing gymnastics together with other people: All these parts are essential, and for a complete training in Tai Chi Chuan they should be all mastered.

Some more about the martial art aspect: the slow form is also a preparation for self defence applications: study the movements and you will see the punches, kicks, grappling techniques etc. In more advanced classes we train self defence applications, fast forms (with explosive punches, kicks), weapons such as sword, knife (sabre, broad sword), spear, lance and stick, as well as partner excersises, e.g. push hands.

I have been training (Yang) Tai Chi Chuan since mid 2000, and have now studied the Yang long (slow) form, Yang fast set, as well as the first broad sword form.

I don't have much more (yet!) to tell about myself in Tai Chi Chuan. Please see the home page (http://www.taichi.nu/, in swedish) of my teacher Klas Larsson - or any other links below - for more about what Tai Chi Chuan is about.

Some good Taiji links

Here are some web pages I tend to visit for more information about Tai Chi Chuan.

Yang Tai Chi Chuan - The ASCII Art version

Vincent Vi created the Yang form as ASCII-art 1994. Example:
Grasp bird's tail 

  . o    ,o     o      o     o     o     o      o
  `-(    `|\    )=,  `-)   `-(   '-)    '-)   '-(
   /<    /<    /<     /<    < \   < \   /<     < \

The complete ASCII file.

  ,8888 888   ?888
  8888888P'    888
  888P'        888
  `88   O     d888
    `?._  _.o88888

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