Word build

The fine swedish daily Sydsvenskan (the paper version) has a word puzzle called Ordbygget ("Word build") which consists of a scrambled 8-letter word and the problem is to generate as much words (sub words) as possible. (In addition to this, the rules states that one of the letters, a "base letter" must be included in every words, but that part is ignored here).

I tend to just do one thing when I see this contest: Just trying to unscramble the original word. This program is just a training device for recognizing such a word. Also it will print some more things (number of vowels and consonants, and the letter in a "word circle") which I tend to use when I solve it manually.

Update: It is now also possible to generate words with 9 letters.

Generate a random 8 or 9-letter word.
Word length: 8 9
Number of random permutations:
Select language: Swedish English

A note: Generation of sub words of a word can be done via my Combograms program. A more complete randomizer of swedish words (not just 8 letter words) is Ana Guess.
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Created by Hakan Kjellerstrand hakank@bonetmail.com