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Håkan Kjellerstrand (hakank@bonetmail.com)

CV (in swedish)

There is a Swedish version of this page here.

Current work

Since 2005 I work as a system developer for Bokus (one of the leading Internet book stores in Sweden) in Malmoe, Sweden.


Between May 2004 and march 2005, I worked as a technical developer (system developer and team leader) for Stricent AB in Lund, Sweden. Stricent develops systems for handling (medical) clinical trials . Tools/languages: Java, Oracle, Javascript.

From the start (1996) to its end (2002) I worked for Netch (one of the earliest web/Internet consultant companies in Sweden), which included:

The largest and most fun project at Netch was developing Bokus, for which I worked from the start (januari 1997) to 1999, and later in 2001. (Since 2005 I work for Bokus.)

Before that (1989-1994), I worked for RTB program - creator of the fine Swedish word processor Cicero (DOS) and Cicero 2010 (Windows) - as technical writer, support, educator etc.

1982-1989: worked in different administrational departments of Malmö Sjukvårdsförvaltning (Malmo General Hospital, later Malmo Academic Hospital). A couple of these year I worked in the computer department (AFI, "Department of Information Processing") as economic assistent, educator, testing new computer programs (Cicero was one of these programs, and that's how I got the job at RTB Program), etc.

Education (in chronological order): Public administration ("Linjen för Offentlig Förvaltning", which included political science, micro/macro economics, statistics, etc), philosophy, and computer science.

Programming languages I happily use: Java, Perl, Ruby, R, Python, Icon, etc.

Personal projects

Much of what I have done during the years is shown via my site http://www.hakank.org/. It is a collection of both qute serious programs, and some not so serious (what I call "useless"), and texts in data mining, data analys.

Private interests somewhat work related

Here are some of my interests, which are somewhat work related:

Other interests

I have written about many of these things on my site site and my blogs: hakank.blogg, My Constraint Programming Blog, and Arrays in Flux.

More details is in my CV (Swedish).

Håkan Kjellerstrand (it is Hakan Kjellerstrand when writing in English) hakank@bonetmail.com
Lives in Malmoe, Sweden.

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